HbA1c Level

After diagnosis of diabetes mellitus it is a must to perform self-monitoring of blood glucose.
When an appropriate therapy has been started its efficiency has to be proofed through the HbA1c level which is tested from a blood sample in the doctor’s office. It defines the percentage of haemoglobin (red colorant of blood) which is associated with glucose.
The normal range is 4-6% in direct dependency from blood glucose. The level of HbA1c gives evidence about blood glucose levels of the last 8 to 12 weeks. An optimal therapy should lead to an HbA1c lower than 7% to prevent late complications.   
HbA1c Equation:
Average blood glucose [mmol/l] = (2 x % HbA1c) - 6
Since April 1 2008 the HbA1c-value will be specified (also) in mmol/mol.
Conversion formula: HbA1c [mmol/mol] = (HbA1c [%] - 2,15) x 10,929

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