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Legal Notice and Terms of Use


1. Advice
1.1 The wellion.si website was developed with a purpose to introduce  the company MED TRUST družba za proizvodnjo in trgovino d.o.o. (»MED  TRUST d.o.o.«) and areas in which we operate.
The  website’s content is designed especially for users in Slovenia and in  accordance with applicable Slovenian legislation. MED TRUST d.o.o. does  not ensure users from other countries that all published data comply  with applicable legislation in their country and that products and  services are available in the same form and under the same conditions.
Our  website also offers information on individual diseases and injuries.  This information is prepared only for informative and educational  purposes for the users of our website and does not contain therapeutic  hints or information and in no case represents offer or advice to buy a  product. If you have problems with your health you should consult a  doctor. Only the doctor treating you is able to provide an accurate  diagnosis and initiate the required treatment.
2. Exclusion of liability
2.1 The wellion.si website was carefully designed. We check and  update the information on our website continually to make sure this  information is always correct and up-to-date. Nevertheless, information  accessible on our website may have changed in the meantime And we are  therefore unable to assume liability that the information provided is  correct and complete. We reserve the right to change the content of our  websites in whatever way without prior notice.
The  company MED TRUST d.o.o. nor any other legal entity or natural person  which participated in creating and development of this website is not  responsible for any damage arising from or is connected to (i)  existence, access to and/or use of this website and/or information on  this website and/or (ii) impossibility to use information provided on  this website and/or iii) any error or inaccuracy of the website content,  regardless of whether users were informed about the possibility of  damage.
3. Links
3.1 Our website contains links to third parties’ websites which are  accessible for the users of our website for informational purposes and  for providing full services. The company MED TRUST d.o.o. does not have  control over these websites and their procedure for your privacy  protection, hence the company MED TRUST d.o.o. does not express any  opinion on the contents of third parties’ websites and does not take any  responsibility for information published on third parties’ websites  which are accessible through the link on our website (or vice versa) and  for the use made of it. We advise you to read legal notices of each  website you access before you agree with any collection and further  processing of your personal data.
4. Intellectual property rights
4.1 All trademarks or other intellectual property rights named on our  website are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual  property rights. Documents on these websites may be reproduced only for  non-commercial purposes and cannot be copied, duplicated or transmitted  in other way for commercial purposes.
Trademarks named  on our websites are registered trademarks of MED TRUST d.o.o. and/or  trademarks of their respective owners and subject to its rights to use  them. The absence of a reference to a trademark does not signify that  the trademark is not protected.
5. Data protection
5.1 In the company MED TRUST d.o.o. the protection of your personal  data has a very high priority. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read in  detail our privacy notice. Therein we describe in detail manner and  purpose for collecting of your personal data and security measures  implemented by the company MED TRUST d.o.o. for protection of your  personal data.
6. Contact details
In case you have any question or you need further clarification in  respect to our websites, please contact us at the following address:
MED TRUST družba za proizvodnjo in trgovino d.o.o.
Litostrojska cesta 60
1000 Ljubljana
e-mail: info@medtrust.si
17 June 2013

This website contains information on products which is targeted to a wide range of audiences and could contain product details or information otherwise not accessible or valid in your country. Please be aware that we do not take any responsibility for accessing such information which may not comply with any legal process, regulation, registration or usage in the country of your origin.