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Wellion LUNA Teststrips GLU - for glucose measurement

Wellion LUNA teststrips are high tech products. The strips have   been manufactured in different layers containing electrodes that have   been placed using a sophisticated procedure. A biological substrate –   glucose oxidase – is located in the reaction zone of the teststrip by   means of a high precision dispenser. Glucose oxidase is an enzyme   reacting with glucose in blood in a very specific way. During this   reaction a certain amount of current is produced that is calculated into   a blood glucose result displayed on the screen.
The Wellion LUNA blood glucose test strips are equipped with NO CODE technology - which guarantees a plus for your safety.
During the development of the Wellion LUNA test-strip we decided to   produce the teststrips in a handy size to allow the customer easy   picking from the vial and simple and safe insertion into the teststrip   port.
The end, where blood is sucked into the reaction zone with the aid of   sip-in-technology, has enough distance from the meter to prevent   contamination of the meter with blood.
For use with the Wellion LUNA meter.
Content: 25 or 50 pieces

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